Strategizing Your Career

The Career Craftsman Manifesto

The Bamboo Project 

A Life in Museums: Managing Your Museum Career, Greg Stevens and Wendy Luke, eds.  AAM Press. 2012.

Governance and Leadership

Twitter colleague Kevin Monroe takes a humorous but serious look at boards behaving badly in his post, Crimes and Misdemeanors of Nonprofit Boards.

“Like moths to a light.” That’s how Mitch Dorger describes the seeming never ending attraction governing boards have for the operational side of their nonprofits

Questioning what makes nonprofits think they’re unique, Tara Cunningham writes a humorous (but oh so true) diagnosis of Precious Snowflake Syndrome.  

The Nonprofit Board’s Most Important Job! And you thought it was what?

Is Your Team Out of Sync? Six Questions to Spur Alignment by Kristine Kern, Inc., February 20, 2014

Seven Deadly Phrases Boards Should Avoid. Share this post with your board and staff leaders to banish status quo thinking and indecision. 

Leadership Matters. Anne W. Ackerson and Joan H. Baldwin. AltaMira Press. 2013.


In his post, “Ideas Require Application,” Chris Brogan urges us to continually as “And then what?” as we develop ideas. This repetitive thinking ahead forces us to move from idea to reality.  http://www.chrisbrogan.com/ideas-require-application/?

Creativity in Museum Practice.  Linda Norris and Rainey Tisdale.  Left Coast Press. 2013.

Funding the Mission

Matrix Mapping helps you see and understand your organization’s financial model in a whole new way.

Healthy + Happy Museums

Reorienting Historic House Museums: An Anarchist’s Guide 

A Manifesto for Active History Museum Collections

Inside the Conservator’s Studio with Gwen Spicer