We are five colleagues–Anne Ackerson, Marianne Bez, Carolyn Macuga, Linda Norris and Gwen Spicer–whose professional lives intersect in rewarding and productive ways. We collaborate to help each other achieve our individual career goals and to better meet the needs of clients. We have diverse interests and we offer broad experience in the field of nonprofit cultural and educational organizations. Individually or in combination with one another, we advance the work of museums, cultural organizations, and nonprofits.


Gwen Spicer (AIC, Fellow) is a textile, paper, upholstery and objects conservator in private practice. She assists individuals and organizations with storage, collection care, and exhibitions. She is known for her innovative conservation treatments. Her current research is on the use of magnets in conservation. Read her blog at Inside the Conservator’s Studio.


Linda Norris is an independent professional who works internationally, focusing on creative practice and the strengthening of communities and museums through active community engagement. She is the co-author, with Rainey Tisdale, of Creativity in Museum Practice and blogs at The Uncataloged Museum


Marianne Bez helps non-profits strengthen their membership, fund-raising, and public relations efforts through stronger, more coherent communications, planning, and organization. 


Anne W. Ackerson works with cultural institutions on organizational issues, including planning and board development. She is the former director of the Museum Association of New York. She is co-author, with Joan Baldwin, of Leadership Matters, a book and blog on history museum leadership. They are working on a second book about women working in museums. 

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Carolyn Macuga is the director of client services and business operations at Context Travel in Philadelphia, and has taught art history and museum studies at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She also has worked as a museum educator and administrator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and holds an MA in museum studies from the University of Newcastle on Tyne.